The Beverage Bus

It was always our plan to have a beverage and snack area right at the trailhead for campers and riders to get refreshments and a quick bite all while being a great place to gather and socialize. We had the idea to use an upcycled bus as our beverage bar, and we finally found the perfect one!

Whimcycle Trail Tour Bus Bar

This old tourist bus will serve as the platform for our beverage bar and will be conveniently parked just a few steps away from both the trailhead and the lodging cabins. Drinks and snacks will be served right out of the bus similarly to a food truck, but with way more panache and style because, come on, it’s a bus! How awesome is that?!

This bus will be just one of the unique offerings that will set Whimcycle Trail apart as Central Florida’s premier trail riding resort. Offering trail riding, road riding, over 30 RV sites, and cabin lodging, Whimcycle Trail is located right off of the single track trails into the Greenway State Park, offering immediate access for riders from the resort.

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