WhimCycle On Its Way: Digging Begins at New Trail

The waiting is almost over – digging has begun for the WhimCycle Trail Resort @ Santos! We’re incredibly excited to get this project officially underway and start the process of making Ocala’s newest biking resort. Our project may be large, but we are very devoted and are passionate about our mission of making Ocala’s biking scene not only more accessible, but more luxurious.

As we continue to work on this project, we are excited to see all of the visions we have begin to take shape. By virtue of our location, we already have the best access to the highest quality trail riding and road riding. However, we’re working on the bonus additions that will make the WhimCycle Trail the best resort in Ocala. Our RV setups, beverage bars, and luxury cabin setups are guaranteed to make your next biking experience spectacular!

Keep up with our project and make sure to pay a visit to WhimCycle Resort in 2020!